Thursday and Friday Notes – June 18 and 19, 2009

Holly from Dust Bunnies of the Mind wrote to tell me, “Now these aren’t super sexy, going out jeans.  They’re loose and comfortable, with ragged hems because they are too long and random holes  But they are one of those pairs of jeans that just becomes a favorite because they are just comfortable.  Either way I just thought they totally fit with Operation Beautiful.”  LOVE THESE!


Danielle wrote, “I thought this was ironic timing, a friend had taken one of those lovely Facebook quizzes that rightfully told her that she is very attractive. She commented that it was flawed. I commented back with the following. I am taking a trip to the mall tomorrow, I plan to plant many notes there. Hopefully I can get a few pics.”


Megan from Runner’s Kitchen wrote, “Posted in the ladies room near the cafeteria of my office building. I’ve often heard co-workers berating themselves for the pasta they ate at lunch and how they’re going to fast tomorrow to fit in to their skinny jeans. Bah! These girls are gorgeous as is. I plan to post another motivational note tomorrow!”


Kimberly from Engaging Health wrote, “I’m a part time grad student and posted this note (and a few others) in the bathroom and a bulletin board in the engineering building.  I love this whole experience – the more I thought about what to write and what it meant, the more I started to believe for myself the notes I posted.  Thank you so much for starting this project!  I will keep writing notes for others and to myself.


Catie wrote, “I have currently started my journey of trying to loose weight and eat healthy. I have been reading you blog for a few weeks now and I have currently become hooked on reading almost 20 blogs a day. They are full of motivation and information on having a healthy life.   I took this picture after I started reading all of the stories. This one will be going on my mirror in my room, which I look at myself in everyday after I’m dressed, when I get home for motivation everyday. I am trying very hard to accept myself “inside and out”.”


Amy wrote me to say, “I didn’t get a picture but tonight at school I put up a note on the bathroom mirror that says “You look so beautiful today! 🙂 ” It made me smile every time someone headed toward the bathroom. Hopefully it made someone’s day a little brighter. It certainly made me feel good. :)”


I posted this note in a public bathroom after my run this morning:


Tracy wrote me to say: “I don’t have any pictures for you yet, but I wanted to let you know that a great idea is to put beautiful messages on your friend’s Facebook pages!! I am in charge of 16/17 yr old girls at my church and I am friends with them on Facebook. I notice they tend to talk about diet and body image a lot in their status…so I am always commenting back on how beautiful they are, inside and out! Thank you so much for starting this trend…I hope it keeps spreading!!”


Sarah at Love In My Tummy wrote me to say, “It definitely made my morning to post these notes in the locker room at my gym: on the scale and the bathroom mirror.  I only wish I had been around to see people’s reactions!”



Fitzalan from Happiness Awaits wrote this beautiful note. 🙂


Rose from On A Lobster Placement wrote this note:

t rose

Jennifer from His and Her Health posted this note in the public library bathroom:


Jenny from Peanut Butter and Jenny wrote this amazing note:


Christie at Find My Weight put this note in her bathroom:


Ada at NYCollegEats had a sweet message from her puppy. 🙂


Annabel at Feed Me, I’m Cranky wrote on her blog, “How is it that some of the most beautiful people in the world look in the mirror and see anything but that beauty?  Or, the question I’ve pondered before (and find kind of funny) is: how is it that someone you once deem beautiful can later seem to be the ugliest site on Earth (and vice versa)?  I guess it has a lot to do with beauty being a fluid and dynamic identity.  There are so many larger issues that fit into the equation of one’s perception of beauty that it would take a dissertation’s worth of research just to touch the surface.  No matter what, I hope we realize how in control of our own beauty we are and it doesn’t come from time spent in the gym or in counting your calories.”  She left this note at the gym


Courtney at Peace, Love, Happiness said that: “This worked so, so, so well today, I can’t believe how much it affected my attitude. I must have been carrying myself differently, because the second I left my house, an amazing thing happened:   The mailman asked me what the good news was, I was surprised, I didn’t know what he meant. He said, “Well, you’re glowing!””


Megg from Meggie’s Munchies said that after putting up her Operation Beautiful note “I feel so much better and more empowered!!!”


Jen from Recipes for Creativity wrote me to say, “Today I am going clothes shopping with my mom and I already have some notes written on Post-Its, plus I’m bringing a marker and more blank ones with me – I plan on putting them on the dressing room mirrors and I’m really filled with joy about the prospect of brightening someone’s day!”


Hannah from Understanding Me said, “We all deserve to feel beautiful! I put up a note inside one of the employee bathrooms at work, hope it makes someone’s day.”


Stephanie from Musing of a F.I.N.E. Monkey wrote me to say, “Thank you soooo much for starting this! I’ve shared the link and the concept with many others and am excited to see its spreading like wildfire! Here’s my contribution for today: Posted on the ATM machine on a busy Friday afternoon.”


Caroline from Cat Runs posted not one but TWO messages!  She wrote, “I posted notes in the bathroom of the main floor of the college library I work at. The first was taken down by the cleaning crew (the fabulous one), so I later hastily scribbled another. My coworker’s mentioned it later (not knowing the culprit was sitting nearby)! They said they thought it was cute. I think I’ll keep it up!”



Whitney from Whit is Getting Fit wrote, “I posted my first Operation Beautiful note this morning. I put it the bathroom mirror where I can share it with my sisters.”



Kristien at Inspired By Dooce wrote, “I don’t have my camera at work with me today, but at about 9:30 I put a note on one of the bathroom mirrors that said “your imperfections are what make you beautiful”. I just went to check on it and it is still there 🙂 I’m glad the cleaning crew didn’t take it off.”


Baylee wrote that, “This morning, I attached this note to the mirror before running out on the track. The entire time I was
running, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! Apparently my note got to me – and hopefully it got to others too!”


Julie wrote, “I work for a Christian organization and used the sign to remind the lovely ladies I work with how beautiful they are, especially in God’s eyes!”


Alison from Mama’s Weeds posted not 1 but 2 Operation Beautiful notes today.  She wrote, “On my way out the door to the library today with my two young daughters, I grabbed a pad of post-its, a sharpie and my camera!  I posted two Operational Beautiful notes.  The first one went on the mirror of children’s restroom, up high for all the mama’s to see!”


Alice continues, “For the second, I scanned the stacks in the Health section and picked one of my old favorites, Fit From Within.  I picked what I thought was an appropriate chapter and left a note for someone to find when they check out the book.   My 5 year old daughter saw me writing the note for the book and asked what it said.  I told her “It says, You are Beautiful”.  She said, “Who is beautiful?”  I said “You are!””


Holly at Domestic Dork did an electronic Operation Beautiful note:



Marie said: “I’m a student at Northeastern Univ in Boston and we’re in the midst of final exams for summer courses.  I decided to take a break from the computer lab and post a note in the bathroom, I hope it brings a smile to someone’s face!”


Kathryn posted a bunch around her own home and plans to do more in public places later.  Love this one:


Meghan from Help Meghan Run wrote, “I didn’t get a pic of my note today, but it said, “You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are,” and I posted it publicly. I was so happy walking away thinking of the possibility that I will probably brighten at least one person’s day. Way to go!”


Danielle from Danielle Runs posted this one:


From Angela at Oh She Glows:


Carrie wrote me to say, “I just left a note saying “You are beautiful just the way you are!” on the women’s room mirror in my small town’s city hall building. For some reason, I was suuuuper nervous to do it, but I feel great now! Just after I left the restroom, though, a male janitor went in to clean the bathroom … I really hope he left the note up. *Maybe he took the message to heart, too!*”  Carrie — you are totally right! Men need love too! 🙂


Jenna from Eat, Live, Run:


Amy from Tia’s Funny Pages posted this one in the bathroom:


Lynn from The Actor’s Diet left this one on a yoga mat:


Krista from Krista’s Kravings wrote, “I left a random note in the work washroom today and it was a hoot listening to everybody wonder who did it!”  Check out her blog post for a summary of how her co-workers reacted!


Jen from Recipes for Creativity posted this one in a bathroom:


Valerie posted these notes in her bathroom (love it!):


Kimberly from Gluten Free For Life wrote, “I posted this note in the bathroom at my sports medicine doctor today.  My daughter asked what I was doing with my camera & paper in the bathroom and I told her that I was hopefully making someone’s day a little brighter.”


Diana at Soup and Chocolate posted this public note:


Susan said, “My message is very personal. I’ve spent my whole life feeling like I’m not good at anything. So this little reminder is essential in my day. I know I have talents in there somewhere, beautiful talents!!” Read about her Operation Beautiful experience at Susan’s blog!


Leah at The Nutitionista wrote this lovely note:


Shanna from Weight and See left this note on her co-worker’s desk this morning!  How lovely:


From Danielle at Around the World in 300 Days:


A story from Colleen: “I couldn’t get a picture, but I put a post-it on the mirror here at work.  It says “Believe in yourself – you are beautiful inside and out!”  Our custodian was in the restroom earlier and I saw that she carefully removed it, cleaned the mirror and then stuck it back up there!  I work in a building with about 400 other people (which also makes it tricky to sneak in the restroom to put it up!), but I think I’ll put a new one up every few days to keep things interesting!”


Polly from Yoga is Yummy wrote me to say: “Thank you so much for doing this.  As a momma of a soon to be teenager, the most precious gift I can give her for her birthday is to remind her of how beautiful she is on the INSIDE.  That inner beauty radiates in all of life and is most beautiful, always.”


Ari wrote, “I love your idea for operation beautiful so I decided to put two notes up at my gym this morning. I put one on two separate mirrors (I don’t have a camera or else I would have sent you a picture) then I went to do my ellipticalling. I came back 45 minutes later and they were both gone! it just shocked me that whoever took them down like, must not want people to feel good about themselves.”  Ari — I bet that someone read it and took it home with them to keep! I would keep a Operation Beautiful note if I found it! Keep posting them! 🙂


From Priyanka at Priyanka Loves Food:


Lauren from Team Giles posted this note:


From my lovely Heather at HangryPants:


Alyssa at Love, Laugh, Lyss sent in not one but TWO Operation Beautiful notes.  The first was placed in an elevator:


And the second was placed in the BEST SPOT EVER! Love it, Alyssa!


A reader named Kim sent me this story about her Operation Beautiful note, “I left a Beautiful note in the Publix [supermarket] restroom tonight! I later overheard a little girl asking her mom about it… maybe these could open up a few mother-daughter dialogues?” 


Leah at Simply Fabulous posted these Operation Beautiful notes on her scale.  She hasn’t weighed herself since! 🙂



Sam from Small Changes Add Up:


Angela from Oh She Glows:



Angela had a great post tonight about body image: check it out here!


Another one of my public messages:



7 responses to “Thursday and Friday Notes – June 18 and 19, 2009

  1. I read about this site in your comments on HTP … Caitlin, this is amazing. This video made me cry, it is so beautiful.


  2. such a beautiful campaign.!

  3. Forrester McLeod

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU times a billion cubed by a trillion quadrodillion!

    It never occured to me to have renegade affirmation posting parties. You LOVELY ANGELS have given me the biggest smile and warmest heart and have set my brain a percolating!!!!

    Cheers and Much Bliss to You!!!

  4. I so need to get on the bandwagon!

  5. I love this idea. Your point of view is what creates your reality. I’m going to start posting some notes too. Thank you!

  6. I saw Yousuf Karsh’s photography when I was young… he makes the most ordinary, old and unusual faces look SO beautiful.

    Eventually I realized: living skin, with a personality in there… responding to the person behind the camera (viewer or photographer) is the same as gorgeous. The skill is in finding a way to see it, not in creating it. It’s already there.

    Living people are all beautiful… when they find their power and inner humanity, they’re astonishing.

  7. Caitlin, (my niece is a Caitlin too…)

    This is a wonderful, wonderful thing you’re doing, so SMILE!
    I think I need to start carrying some post-it notes and a sharpie in my purse!

    Just so you know, THE FlyLady from is spreading beautiful things too. That’s how I came to be here.

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