Saturday Notes – June 20, 2009

Jess wrote, “I stuck a note on the subway!”



Natalie wrote in to say, “I live in Australia, yesterday i got a few friends of mine and we wrote about 500 inspirational notes and stuck them on every car door, shop windows, mirrors all around our town! We got so many people coming up to us once they realized it was us who did it, and they were so happy, some people had tears in their eyes and told us we just made their day!  The notes said things like- ‘SMILE! you are beautiful’, ‘Have a nice day’, ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy!’, ‘Every day is a new beginning!’, ‘ALWAYS know that you are NEVER alone. You are loved.’, ‘ Live life, LOVE life!’   I just wrote out about another 300 notes and plan to stick them wherever I go!”


Elise from Hungry, Hungry Hippie wrote in to say, “Aloha! Just doing my part to spread the love to the islands 🙂  This pic is one i posted in my sister’s bathroom while she was still asleep.”


Michelle wrote, “I am going to Timor..TODAY! To volunteer for two weeks. I decided that I’d bust out my Tetan Phrasebook last night and figure out how to say ‘You are Beautiful’ in tetan and put it on the outside of my backpack while I traveled. The translation is ‘You have beautiful’. It was worth a go.  I also have more post its that I’ll be placing ALL AROUND THE WORLD! I’ll send them to you when I get to Timor..yes from the mountains 🙂 if I can. Or when I get home. What a great freaking idea.”


Kimberly wrote to say, “I have been a “lurker” on Healthy Tipping Point (and lots of other blogs) for awhile now and I am coming out of hiding to let you know how AMAZING I think “Operation Beautiful” is!!!  I was so proud an honored today to put a post-it note in my work bathroom…I sure hope it brightened someones day and made them smile!!  I even put a note on my scale at home…and then promptly put the scale away for good!”



Melissa from Tales of a (Recovering) Disordered Eater wrote, “I wrote this note to myself in my journal. As someone struggling with body image issues as I recover from disordered eating behaviors and am learning to love and accept myself, Operation Beautiful really hit home for me. Thank you for inspiring such positivity in the blogosphere!”


Katie wrote, “Thank you for putting this idea out there! I have been leaving positive notes for my employees and I feel that people are more positive! Here is a picture of a note I have in my washroom! It makes me smile everyday and the best part is when my friends see it! I want to make people happy and know that they are loved and have them be reminded how much they truly love themselves!”


Melissa @ For the Love of Health posted this note:


Fateema wrote, “GMH and Operation Beautiful really inspired me. Today, I sent out ~130 Facebook honesty box messages saying “you’re beautiful, inside and out. :)” The first person to reply is someone who has had major issues with self esteem and depression. I was talking with him and he told me about the message, and he said it really made him smile – obviously I didn’t say it was from me. I’m hoping the other 120something people will have the same reaction. I’ve never felt more accomplished”


Kristen from Inspired by Dooce wrote, “I put this up in the locker room today.  I heard a couple of people talk about both it and my bathroom post it (Your imperfections are what make you beautiful) today…they were trying to guess who it was. It made me smile 🙂  I’m guessing you had no idea it would get this big. Hopefully it just keeps getting bigger…”


Carrie wrote, “I have a roommate for the summer (my husband is away on an internship … I miss him!) and I left her a bunch of little notes around the house since I’m visiting my husband this weekend! My favorite were two on her mirror cabinet — the one on the outside said “You are beautiful and strong” and the one on the inside said “inside and out!!” She’s only 21 and at that stage where you don’t really know that about yourself yet … I hope the notes make her smile.
Someone wrote on your blog that the more they do this, the more they start believing the messages apply to themselves too …That is totally true! Thank you, thank you, thank you for starting this!”


Meg posted this note:


Leslie from The Whole Plate posted this one in a dressing room:


Elise from Inside I Am Dancing wrote, “I went around the city today and posted a whole bunch of post-its around the town…”


Katie From Lil Veggie Patch wrote, “Yesterday I posted an Operation Beautiful note in the bathroom of my yoga studio before class. It read: “I love the way your body moves. You are BEAUTIFUL.” I thought it might have been taken down after class, but it was still there! No one said anything about it, but I hope it brightened someone’s day just a little.”



Jenny posted these notes:




3 responses to “Saturday Notes – June 20, 2009

  1. LOVE IT! I am so happy that this has gotten so huge and people are spreading the positivity! Keep it up, guys!

  2. Caitlin,
    This is a great idea to turn Operation Beautiful into it’s own website!! I am sharing this with everyone I know!! Thanks!


  3. This is a fantastic idea. Everyone, keep up the good work!

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