Monday Notes – June 22, 2009

Message from Caitlin:  Happy Monday! People need love on Mondays more than any day of the week, so be sure to spread the Operation Beautiful love to a friend or random stranger today!  Take a picture of your message, send it to, and help further the mission! 🙂


Keri from Hop, Skip, and a Giant Leap post these two notes and wrote, “These two notes went into two different restrooms at my work: one regular restroom on my floor, and the other in the employee gym bathroom….  One said, “Did you see that not in the bathroom?  It said, “Wow, you are gorgeous!”, how cute is that?!”  Then another woman (who isn’t normally on our floor) said how she thought that her floor needed more notes like that in their bathroom!!  Their floor has more issues with body image and worrying about their looks.  Anyway, it just made me all happy inside to know that people saw it and that they took it to heart.”



Christie from Find My Weigh posted this note in the bathroom at Kohl’s:


And this one in the fitting room….


Julia at Melt Away the Pounds wrote, “This evening my 2 year old daughter and I went to the park. Knowing I wasn’t going to take my purse with me, I stashed a prewritten note in my pocket and figured at some point… I’d find some where to place it. When we went to the restroom, I decided to leave my post it on the inside of the stall door (at the very top). What better place to reach a wide genre of people AND to contemplate the message…. “you are beautiful, don’t you forget it”… than in a place your forced to read.  🙂  I’m going to make this a habit so that my daughter will hopefully grow up with a better self image than I ever did.”


LR at Blue Eyed Heart posted these notes throughout Target, hitting up the fad diet books, videos, and scales…




And this note on a bike at her gym:


Julie at Striving for Balance wrote, “I started tearing when I watched the video you made. It really made me realize that I have so many other good qualities to recognize about myself. I have struggled with body image and a healthy relationship with food and exercise. Since reading your blog I have been so inspired and started my own. I do have days where I still struggle but knowing there are people like you and other blogs out there that are spreading the love to everyone else really touched me.”


Baylee posted this message on a park bench:


And this one in a restaurant bathroom:


Heather at Be Well and Take Care wrote, “I understand that magazines have to make money through advertising, but it’s problematic to be reading a “healthy living” magazine about eating well and working out to find an ad for a product designed to make women obsess over yet one more flaw they need to fix: cellulite. So many women have it, all ranging in body size (heck, Jillian Michaels, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson and so many other prominent figures, who are beautiful and have healthy bodies) yet it’s still seen as a flaw. “


Heather continues to say, “I’d like to take this with me to the store one day and place it near the product itself, but I imagine it won’t last long. I wish all women would stop obsessing over things like cellulite and start focusing on the things they love about themselves and their bodies. I hope that Operation Beautiful empowers all women to stop looking for flaws!”


Alex at Happy Go Lucky wrote, “I was over at my best friend’s house last night for a party celebrating her graduation from university. I’ve always admired her for outstanding strength and beauty, evident inside and out. So when I saw she had drawn a diet calendar that counted down her weight, I was dismayed- I wish she could see how perfect and beautiful she already is! I rummaged around for a stickie note and slapped it up there.”


Jessica at Outside The Kitchen wrote, “I was so excited when I first saw this, that I immediately wrote the following note for a co-worker. I work at night, so it’s easy to slip notes onto people’s desks when they aren’t there. I just wish I was there to see her face when she gets it Monday morning!”



4 responses to “Monday Notes – June 22, 2009

  1. These pictures are so great. They leave me with a wonderful feeling. I’ve gotta go post some of my own notes! and take pictures….

  2. Love this. A whole site full of inspiration!

  3. Caitlin – What a fabulous idea! I love this. Thank you for creating such a wonderful project! 🙂

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