Tuesday Notes – June 23, 2009

Message from Caitlin:  Tuesday’s notes are so creative — everyone is posting Operation Beautiful notes in really unique locations!  Check it out:


Rhonda wrote, “I posted a note in the bathroom at church.   I was feeling down about myself this day.  After posting the note…I starting feeling beautiful.  Wow — the power of positive words.  We tell ourselves so many negative things all day long.  Love how we can turn this around.   Keep posting!  I know I will!  My purse is stocked and ready!”


Michele wrote, “I put this sticky note in the airplane that I was flying from Alice Springs Australia to Darwin before heading out to my two week stint in Timor volunteering. Right after I put it up the pilot went in the toilet. I wonder what he thought :)”


Cassandra wrote, “Posted one (my 1st one!) that just said ‘you are beautiful’ earlier in the day on Friday and went to go check it. Was sad to see it was taken down.. But once I walked back into my office, my receptionist (who just recieved a very nasty email from someone she was talking to online) told me she found the note and took it down because she was so moved by it and wants to keep it as a reminder.. She has no idea I did it!”  Cassandra also posted this one in a bathroom:


Alyssa at Love, Laugh, Lyss wrote, “I live in an apartment complex where you have to scan a card to get into the “gated community“.  Today, as I pulled up to the gate, I fumbled for my card and saw a stack of post-it notes in my purse.  I knew it was the perfect time for an Operation Beautiful note!  I scanned my card then placed this note over the sensor, so whoever drove up next was FORCED to see it (and hopefully smile!)”


Rebeca wrote, “I left these notes around Buffalo this weekend!  The first was in the bathroom at the mall.  I stood by the door for a minute and a woman walked out after me, and said “Did you see that note? Isn’t that sweet?”  I, of course, smiled and replied “yes, you should leave one sometime.”  She said, she’d think about it!”


Rebeca continued: “The second was in the bathroom at one of those warehouse stores and a bunch of teenage girls walked in after me.  Hopefully, they read it and liked it!”


Megan at Peace. Love. Happiness. Revolution wrote, “I’m amazed that this has become such a movement! It’s heartwarming, really. I went to a little diner the other day and taped this one up in the bathroom. I put up another one in the movie theater bathroom that said “you’re amazing and beautiful. Don’t ever let anyone tell you different!”


Sarah from Sarah’s Sweet Lips wrote, “Saturday night, at the bar, I might add, I posted this in the women’s restroom. I mean, what better place to post a note where women constantly primp and prime and worry about their appearance, right? Hopefully, tons of women will read this and take it to heart. “


Katie wrote all over her friend’s walls at SparkPeople.  She spread messages such as,  “Dream beyond your wildest imagination. You CAN do anything you set your mind to. You are strong, independent and driven and because of that there is NO stopping you!” and  “You are strong, you are powerful and most of all you are beautiful. You are the light in someone’s day…so make sure you keep your light shinning bright for all to see!”


Julie at Julie Go Lean wrote, “Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been keeping up with Operation Beautiful and I think it’s an AMAZING movement! I’ve even gotten some of my nonblogger friends to put notes up in their office mirrors at work! They were SO excited to be a part of it :)”



Raya at Confessions of a Black Belt wrote, “My sister and I were on vacation this past weekend in Massachusetts visiting family (we live in Orlando) and I left an note in the bathroom of a Target


Raya continues:  “I showed my sister, who is 15,  your video because I think it’s such a great message. She left one in the bathroom ON THE AIRPLANE!!! :-)”


Chandra at Pretty Time Piece wrote this message on the inside of an old phone booth:


Stepfanie, editor of the Daily Spark, wrote: “After linking to Operation Beautiful on the dailySpark, I couldn’t wait to get started on my own missions for this amazing cause. I was visiting home this weekend. My 15-year-old sister was away, so I left her a few notes throughout her room—on her mirror, on a “Twilight” poster inside her closet door and inside a T-shirt I had brought her. I can’t wait to hear her reaction!”



Amy at Amy Runs A Marathon wrote, “I posted it yesterday in a locker at my gym, which is a nationwide chain where a large portion of the clientele seem very focused on achieving the perfect figure–there’s even signs in the bathroom about the effects of steroids!  What better place to leave a note, right?!  I taped one up in a locker this time around…but next time I want to tape one right to that sign!”



5 responses to “Tuesday Notes – June 23, 2009

  1. This is great! I did one yesterday at work! It made me feel great! And impowered!

  2. Egg Beaten Angel

    These are looking great!

  3. I was just on givesmehope.com and it sends you to a link (givoogle.com). It is the exact same search as google but for every person who clicks “digg” on the add, the company gives money for everyone thousand viewers and it goes straight to the American Cancer Society!!!!! Set it as your homepage and spread the word!

  4. I’ve been reading your other blog for a while now as I am also a runner/triathlete in Florida. I absolutely love Operation Beautiful- so delightfully refreshing! I’m going to blog about it at this new women’s community I belong to (www.janenation.com). I’m a leader of the reclaiming your health sisterhood. I would love if you checked it out and let me know what you think. Thanks for starting this for all women!


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