Thursday Notes – June 24, 2009

A Message from Caitlin:  Good morning!  I just wanted to say that YOU (yes, YOU!) are beautiful.  Have a great day.  XOXO


Angela at Oh She Glows wrote, “I have always felt very self conscious about how I look after a workout! My face gets really red and sweaty. I remember leaving the gym and always holding my head down when I walked out because I felt so ugly! But today I decided that ends NOW!”


Caroline from See Cat Run wrote, “A note on the full length mirror in the first floor bathroom of my work. I definitely need the reminder!”


Carrie wrote, “After five days, my first operation beautiful note was still up in the women’s room at my city hall! I was so happy! The first one read “You are beautiful just the way you are!” Yesterday, I replaced it with a note that said, “Remember all your accomplishments and love yourself!” I hope next time I’m in there, there will be a new note I didn’t leave!  This project is making me a happier person, and it is so simple!”



Elina from Healthy and Sane wrote, “Here is a note I posted on my gym’s mirror. I was super intimidated to do it but also kind of excited. When no one was around, I placed it on the biggest mirror I could find, and went to work out. When I got back from my spinning class, it was still there! I’m sure it got a lot of exposure and I hope it made someone’s day. I signed it “kind stranger” so people would know it wasn’t some random note from the gym employees…. that someone actually took their time to write and post it. I plan on posting another one soon. This is such a great idea! Thanks for motivating us to motivate others!”


Hilary wrote, “This is a sticky note that I put in the gym bathroom today.  As I was changing for the gym in one of the stalls I heard a few people come in and it made me so happy to think that maybe I put a smile on their face.  Even if it didn’t, it made ME feel good on the inside knowing that I tried to make someone’s day a little better!”


Kristien at Inspired By Dooce wrote, ” I’m still putting up notes. Today I noticed the cleaning lady in my building had left her cart unattended. So I left her a little note on it that said “Smile! You’re beautiful”. Since she may be responsible for the fact that my notes in the locker room and one of the bathrooms are still up (I put them there last week), I thought she might enjoy a more personal note!”  UPDATE from Kristien: “I just went into the bathroom on my floor and saw that she had taken it off of her cart and put it on the mirror. Little does she know, she’s now a part of operation beautiful as well!”


Jess wrote, “Thank you so much for starting this wonderful movement. I had forgotten how rewarding it is to do random acts of kindness. I left these two notes in Gainesville this weekend while I was up visiting my parents for Father’s Day. The first went up in St. Augustine’s Catholic Church and Student Center, and the other one I placed in one of the ladies bathrooms at The Swamp—a popular hangout for UF alumni.”



Sarah wrote, “I was on in an application called “Truth Box”. There is a section on the app that allows you to post your secrets. I noticed how most of the posts were about body image, and there were lots of negative comments about people. So, I started a motion for everyone to leave a positive comment on someone’s post.  I had many people tell me that they were going to start leaving good comments. I also gave out the URL to this website.”


Amy from The Healthy Lawyer posted these notes:



Janetha wrote, “Too many times I find myself getting down on myself about my freckles, my huuuge scar on my arm from breaking my humerus, my short and muscular legs.. the things i CANNOT change no matter what.  I need to remember that although these things may bug me from time to time..they are still parts of who I AM.. and they are not going anywhere, so I better learn to love all those imperfections!”


Hayley wrote, “I just thought I’d send in another small batch of photos that I took today after coming back to college, and I’m happy to report some notes are still standing!”



Crystal at Bye Bye Fat Pants wrote, “I put out more post-its today and thought I’d share … I really am loving this idea!! One was placed in my buildings elevator and the other two were placed at Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC), one in their change room and the other on one of their employee phones :)”




Elise from Hungry, Hungry Hippie wrote, “I added a sticker to the mirror in the Westin pool side bathroom…”


Ellie from Inside I Am Dancing wrote, “I couldn’t resist sticking this on the magazine when I saw the front cover!”



4 responses to “Thursday Notes – June 24, 2009

  1. I’m proud to have a beautiful wife inside & out, who is pushing everyone else to realize they are also beautiful, INSIDE & OUT!

  2. 😉 The notes are looking lovely today, Caitlin!

  3. Awwww … Is that your husband? So sweet!! He’s right, too, you know!

  4. operationbeautiful

    aww hubby i love you, too!

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