Friday Notes – June 26, 2009

 A message from Caitlin:  If you love Operation Beautiful, be sure to participate in the mission!  Post your own note, take a picture, and e-mail your story to  Spread the message! 🙂

Lara at Runs and Rests wrote, “Greetings from Japan! I was on an operation to spread positive body image by posting random notes in public places today. I decided on cutting pictures from an old magazine because recycling always ups the coolness factor of anything, right?  The first one was posted at the washroom of the grocery I went to today. I was afraid it would be taken down immediately since Japanese toilets are always kept clean and spotless. When I went back later in the afternoon, the post was still there! 😛 Hopefully, the note made a Wednesday shopper’s day brighter. 


Lara continues, “At this book store/arcade I went to, a bunch of grade school girls would always drop by and hang around after school. They would usually buy water/tea/fruit juice from the vending machine while they chat and laugh. When they grab a drink from the vending machine , I hope the post makes them smile.”


The editor of Operation Beautiful (Caitlin) has been posting bunches of notes around town, too!  Here are a few:




Sarah wrote to say: “I was a freshman at my high school this past year, and before my first class I would always go into the bathroom. Every day there was a girl at the first mirror, frowning at her reflection and never seeming satisfied. I watched her suck in her stomach, sigh, and continue to layer on more and more make-up. I decided to write her a note that said “Smile! You’re beautiful just the way you are. :)” I went into school early that day to stick it to her mirror, then I waited casually at another mirror until she came in. She walked in as usual, frown intact, but then she saw the note and I watched her face light up. And, the best part–she looked up at her reflection with a genuine smile, and instead of applying layer upon layer or make up, she turned to leave, smiling at me as she left, and left the note there for the next girl to find. Since that day, I’ve also noticed a few more notes similar to this through out my school, and whenever I see that girl, she is always smiling!”


Martha wrote, “Thank you for sharing all of these inspiring stories. I stayed up until midnight last night creating a stack of notes to leave in various places. The message being sent here is wonderful!”


Look at these lovely notes:



Melissa wrote, “I walked around a lake near my house and posted a bunch of these!”


Kelly said, “I couldn’t get a picture because my phone is not working, but last night before class I posted a note that said, “You’re a GODDESS! Treat yourself like one.” on the bathroom mirror. All the girls rush there during our 10 minute break to primp, so I hope it made someone’s day. I’m going out later today, and plan on leaving many more!”


Tracy wrote, “This is hard to read.  It says “Beauty is Courage, Confidence, Character.  You are a beautiful woman.”  It was posted in SATX.”


Jamie wrote, “One for the guys, posted on my mirror, today, that I took a picture of for someone I love very much.  Another that I put on a woman’s car outside my our townhouses.”



Suzanne from QuerkyQook wrote, “I posted these in my apartment and then slipped them in my two best girlfriends purses when we met for dinner.”



Julianna wrote, “Today while working, I placed 3 different operation beautiful notes @ 3 different gas stations right on the front of the busiest pumps. It took nothing from me, but 1 step out my door and a wish I could hang around to see peoples reactions.  I also spent ½ my time thinking of future messages and writing them down…. I’ve decided that every day while I’m performing this particular job function of mine… I’ll be leaving notes on gas station pumps (taped up so they can’t blow away)!”


Remember:  If you love Operation Beautiful, be sure to participate in the mission!  Post your own note, take a picture, and e-mail your story to


2 responses to “Friday Notes – June 26, 2009

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  2. These make my day as always 🙂

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