Sunday Notes – June 28, 2009

Amanda from My Dairy Free Diary had an Operation Beautiful note sighting!  She wrote me to say, ” I was on a date tonight and was at the movies in Hanover, New Hampshire, and I saw an Operation Beautiful note!!!!   It said, “Your beautiful.”  I ran back upstairs and told my date, he didn’t quite understand, but also thought it was cool.  I just wanted to share that story with you!  Operation Beautiful has reached all the way over to little Hanover, New Hampshire!”


Joy posted this note on a Paris Hilton poster outside a beauty salon.  It reads “You’re unique.  Don’t compare! Beauty comes in many sizes, shapes, and ages!”


Jennifer from His and Her Health wrote, “I was having a pretty bad day, and I posted this note at Walgreens. It instantly made me feel better and I hope it brightened another person’s day too!”


Kath from Hope in Peanut Butter and Oats wrote, “After having a rough body image acceptance day, I posted these notes and received one from my mother and it was instant gratification. Just knowing other women are reading a positive message to boost their mood/self esteem or just reading one that makes them laugh, really helps put that much more purpose in to my day. Thank you for speaking up and out against Fat Talk, it’s time for it to END!”



Kristen from Inspired by Dooce wrote, “I posted a note yesterday. I was in American Eagle, noticing that yes, at 29, I still shop where the high school kids shop…and realized that this was the perfect place for an operation beautiful note. I tried a few things on and left a note that said “You’re beautiful no matter what size you just tried on” on the mirror. Even though the shirts I tried on were a no-go, I definitely left with a smile on my face :)”


Chandra from Chandra’s Shenanigans wrote, “Operation Beautiful has been so amazing!  I’ve loved reading everyone’s notes.   I’ve been feeling a bit down and need a constant reminder that I am amazing. :)”



Suzanne wrote, “I put up two more Operation Beautiful notes today!  The first was on the platform of a subway station, and the second was in the bathroom at my chiropractor’s office!  I’m on a roll!”



Meredith from Balance for MEre wrote this note and said, “Here is my first contribution to O.B.  It won’t be my last!”


Danielle wrote, “I quickly wrote the note and put it up in the bathroom before anyone went in.  It was up for a few hours before enough women went in and saw it and told our teacher about it, who had some basal skin cells removed a few days before and was sporting quite a bruise and a bandage on her face.  I was in the bathroom when the teacher came in to see it and she said “That’s really cute” as she looked in the mirror.  So, I think that it really helped to brighten her spirits a bit!”


Jenna wrote me to say, “I have four daughters and I already notice they use negative language when discussing their own bodies as well as each others. I really need to make sure that each of my daughters sees the best of themselves!  I decided I would post a note today when we went to the Mango Festival here on Guam.  There was no mirror, so I posted it above the sink!”


If you find Operation Beautiful be uplifting and empowering, be sure you participate, too!  Not only will you touch the women who find your note, but you’ll touch THOUSANDS of Internet readers! Post a note, take a picture, and send it to Caitlin at


One response to “Sunday Notes – June 28, 2009

  1. Oh my god! These just KEEP GETTING BETTER!!! 😀

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