Tuesday Notes – June 30, 2009

A Message from Caitlin:  Keep those notes coming!  The mission is spreading, and I’m getting more and more e-mails from people who find YOUR notes (with the web address written on the bottom) and tell me how much Operation Beautiful touched them.  Keep up the good work — YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!


Tiana wrote, “During the night, my sister and I took chalk and wrote “You’re Beautiful” all down the sidewalk on our street and on the cement ramp on our front lawn.  This morning, I glanced out the window to see a female jogger stop running to read the message. She smiled, looked up at the house and met my eyes, and continued jogging with a grin on her face.   It was so worth it.  I’m 15, my sister’s 13. We’ve never had more fun with sidewalk chalk than last night.”




The Oh She Glows Mom put this note up:


Kylie of the Ooh La La Lifestyle wrote, “I absolutely adore this movement.  I finally remembered to leave the house with my own post its and pink magic marker and I felt like a fairy godmother as I snuck my note on a post office drop-box.  I drove away in a fit of giggles and felt wonderful, glowing, and inspired.  my post-it notes are the new visa…I’ll never leave home without them!”


Carolyn from Sandy Feet Eats and Treats wrote, “Here is my own ‘operation beautiful’ note.  I actually posted it on my own bathroom mirror so it’s the first thing I see every day, to motivate me to keep a healthy balance in life!  I added “sunshine” to the note because it is what my mother always called me growing up (and still!) and I associate it with radiating positivity and cheerfulness, and i think it reminds me to embrace every day with a positive self-image and attitude.”


Kristen from Inspired by Dooce wrote, “In the last couple of days I’ve put up a few operation beautiful notes. I put one up in on the mirror of the bathroom at a pub. I know at least one person saw it before someone took it down…(I was drying my hands when a lady came out of the stall, washed her hands and read the note out loud. then she looked at me and said “imperfections….well, I have a few of those”…the note said “your imperfections are what make you beautiful” and i put the web address on it as well).”


Emily wrote, “Another note that I left in a porta potty at the Balloon Fest in Howell, Michigan. Thought it would brighten people’s crazy hot and hectic day!”


MizFit took her daughters on a note-posting SPREE and put up these gems on a car….


On the weights at the gym


In a locker…


If you find Operation Beautiful be empowering, be sure you participate, too!  Not only will you touch the women who find your note, but you’ll touch THOUSANDS of Internet readers! Post a note, take a picture, and send it to Caitlin at seebriderun@gmail.com!


One response to “Tuesday Notes – June 30, 2009

  1. What a beautiful reminder you’ve started for everyone to share with others. And just in case you aren’t familiar with Regina Franklin’s book, I wanted to send you the link. I’m sure she’d love to know about your site as well.
    Blessings today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

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