Wednesday Notes – July 1, 2009

A Message from Caitlin:  Hello, Orlando Sentinel readers!  If you’re new to Operation Beautiful, be sure to watch the quick YouTube video, which explains the purpose behind the mission!


Lexis from Sweet Tooth wrote, “Thank you for starting this mission, it is amazing and I am enjoying contributing!!”



Debbie wrote, “Posted in the women’s room in my office building, Northern Virginia”


Mizfit posted these notes around town with her daughter’s help:




Keya wrote, “I didn’t put this in a place where all could see, but for one important person – my supervisor! She’s been going through some things and I sometimes don’t know how to encourage her, so when I received an email that directed me to your site, I thought it would be perfect for her. The funny thing is, she didn’t come to work today. I put it on her screen, thinking she would see it tomorrow, I took two quick pictures of it on her monitor (so that’s why they’re not the best!), and AS I was sitting back down at my desk, she walked in! She barely missed me! It’s hard to read, but it says, “I’ve been blessed with a beautiful person in my life. I’m talking about you! STAY BEAUTIFUL!”


June wrote, “I just wanted to tell you what my niece and I did one fall day.  We went out and collected a LOT of colored leaves and with gold and silver metallic markers we wrote a message on each leaf that said things like, You are beautiful, Don’t listen to noisy negatives, Live, Live, Live!!!, Life is a Banquet and Most poor suckers are starving to death, etc.  Anyway, we wrote hundreds of fun positive notes and quotes on leaves, took them up to the roof of my apartment building and let them loose on all sides.  It was so much fun as the days went by to see people finding the messages on the leaves and smiling.  IT was also a great fun activity and lesson for my niece.”


Amber wrote, “I posted two photos today at church.  One in the coed bathroom and one in the women’s bathroom.  To be gender neutral I put the “you are amazingly wonderful” one in the coed bathroom.  And then the other one in the women’s bathroom.  “God thinks you are beautiful just the way you are.  Love yourself!”  Both pictures came out very dark, but I think you can see the notes on the mirrors!  I FEEL amazingly wonderful now and I know God thinks I’m beautiful just the way I am.  He even thought so before I lost over 90 pounds!”



Dani from The Distracted Diva wrote, “I usually am quite self-conscious about my less-than-thin self, but today when I dressed for the gym, inspired by posts on your site, I decided that I didn’t want to wear a baggy t-shirt over my tank top. Instead, though it was much more form fitting and didn’t hide my caboose at all, I wore my tank tops w/o a baggy tshirt! I took a pic to share with the world! ๐Ÿ˜‰  Also, as I was cleaning out my locker when I was done at the gym, I left a little note:”



Tabby from Tabbilicious wrote, “I posted it in the Family Christian Bookstore in Manassas, Virginia.  It says “You are made in God’s image and that makes you beautiful!”  It was such a rush to post it and then walk out and pretend like I didn’t do anything.  I hope that someone sees the note and checks out your website and more people begin posting notes around the area!  I know there will be more notes from me in the future!”


Nicole wrote, “I banged out my 15K yesterday for the first time to prepare myself for my upcoming race. At one point during the run I started feeling overwhelmed and like I wasn’t sure how much farther I’d be able to go. Just as I was feeling that way, I came along a turn on a bridge that read, in HUGE letters “SMILE!!!!! :)” written across the ground in pink chalk. This, of course, made me smile and gave me some extra UMPH. So I continued running and I happened to see this girl that I have already ran by twice. This time I decided to share the love (she was struggling, you could tell) so I shouted out, “You’re doing awesome!” and she looked at me crosseyed, but then she smiled and kept on going. I felt so much better after seeing that SMILE and passing it along made me feel even MORE awesome.”


Amina wrote, “Attached is a note I left on the mirror of a Starbucks bathroom in Silver Spring.”


If you want to participate, post a note, take a picture, and e-mail it to Caitlin at!


4 responses to “Wednesday Notes – July 1, 2009

  1. this is such a sweet idea! i love it. was this where you got your inspiration?
    congrats on the success!

    • a few people have sent me that site since i started operation beautiful – i had never heard of it before but it’s lovely! i love to see others spreading a similar message!

  2. thanks again for my daily motivasion, caitlin!

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