Monday Notes – June 29, 2009

A message from Caitlin:  Good morning! People need love on Mondays more than any other day, so be sure to post an Operation Beautiful note and send a picture of it to me at!


Hayley wrote, “I went on a small day out with the family yesterday and took up a quick opportunity to slap up a post-it in the Café Rouge toilets. Here’s a picture!”


Dana wrote, “I love your site and the idea of it.  It has really lifted my spirits and I love to read to notes everyday.  Today I went to lunch with my family at Red Robin and posted 6 notes all over the bathroom including the ones below!”


Kimberly at Gluten Free Life wrote, “A few weeks ago, my mother-in-law fell down a couple of steps & broke both of her ankles.  She has now had surgery and is in a cast on her right leg & boot on her left and is supposed to be off of her feet completely for 3 months. Today I was able to sign her cast and I wrote “You are beautiful…don’t forget it!” and then signed my name.  I can only imagine how depressing it is for her to stay in bed all day long, day in & day out”


Debbie wrote, “I’m amazed at how powerful this has been for me- It was an unexpected surprise.   I posted these three notes at Gold’s Gym Palm Desert, CA.  One was on the bathroom mirror, the other on the group exercise schedule.  It’s a hard-core gym and some professional body builders train there.  But there are lots of plain folks as well.  I am sure that all can benefit if they really take the messages on board.”




A reader posted this note in a Chili’s restroom and wrote to say, “It says “you are beautiful no matter what, so go eat that burger and don’t feel guilty!” One woman noticed it and said “that’s right!”


Whitney from Whit is Get ting Fit wrote, “This one was to myself. I am a little obsessed with health and beauty mags. In an effort to remind myself that I am enough, I posted this on my Women’s Health magazine.”


Jessica from The Last 10 Lbs. and the First 10Ks wrote: “I finally got a chance to do some post-it note posting.. it was awesome!!  The first one was taken in the washroom at my  Weight Watchers meeting….”

“The next one was put in the changeroom at American Eagle. I really liked this one because I find the store really caters to younger girls, in their teenage years. These girls usually are the ones who feel a lot of pressure to look a certain way and to fit in certain sizes.”


“Finally the last one was taken in the changeroom at Roots. If you can’t read the note it says “No Mirrors? It’s all about how you feel, not how you look.” I used to HATE it when there weren’t mirrors in changerooms because it forced you to come out to see yourself in the mirror. I cannot tell you how many times I didn’t come out because I was embarrassed and didn’t want people to see me! I also thought it was funny there was a movie poster for The Hangover!”


Lara wrote in to say, “I have 2 wonderful daughters, 8 and 10, and we watched the movie and at first the girls asked if we would get in trouble putting things up in places we did not own, but when they woke up to notes on the wall next to their bed they were inspired.  So that day we went to my work and posted some around people’s desks and in the bathroom.  Today we did our usual Saturday things like going out to breakfast and running errands and left notes on storefront windows (the Hallmark lady opening up for the day had the best look on her face as she unlocked the store), in the public bathrooms at our favorite stores and various places at shopping/eating spots and on the doors of our family friends’ homes.  They don’t want to stop!  I love feeling like part of something bigger…spreading love all around the world.  What better thing can I pass on to my girls!”


Jennifer from Peanut Butter and Jenny sent this note in:


Brandon (a man!) wrote me to say, “I’m a guy — I’m not supposed to get the purpose of these Operation Beautiful notes, but I do! Everyone is bringing happiness to other women who are self-conscious because of what society is telling them.  You are totally fighting the power,  and I think that’s just bitchin’ of you to do!”


Sunday Notes – June 28, 2009

Amanda from My Dairy Free Diary had an Operation Beautiful note sighting!  She wrote me to say, ” I was on a date tonight and was at the movies in Hanover, New Hampshire, and I saw an Operation Beautiful note!!!!   It said, “Your beautiful.”  I ran back upstairs and told my date, he didn’t quite understand, but also thought it was cool.  I just wanted to share that story with you!  Operation Beautiful has reached all the way over to little Hanover, New Hampshire!”


Joy posted this note on a Paris Hilton poster outside a beauty salon.  It reads “You’re unique.  Don’t compare! Beauty comes in many sizes, shapes, and ages!”


Jennifer from His and Her Health wrote, “I was having a pretty bad day, and I posted this note at Walgreens. It instantly made me feel better and I hope it brightened another person’s day too!”


Kath from Hope in Peanut Butter and Oats wrote, “After having a rough body image acceptance day, I posted these notes and received one from my mother and it was instant gratification. Just knowing other women are reading a positive message to boost their mood/self esteem or just reading one that makes them laugh, really helps put that much more purpose in to my day. Thank you for speaking up and out against Fat Talk, it’s time for it to END!”



Kristen from Inspired by Dooce wrote, “I posted a note yesterday. I was in American Eagle, noticing that yes, at 29, I still shop where the high school kids shop…and realized that this was the perfect place for an operation beautiful note. I tried a few things on and left a note that said “You’re beautiful no matter what size you just tried on” on the mirror. Even though the shirts I tried on were a no-go, I definitely left with a smile on my face :)”


Chandra from Chandra’s Shenanigans wrote, “Operation Beautiful has been so amazing!  I’ve loved reading everyone’s notes.   I’ve been feeling a bit down and need a constant reminder that I am amazing. :)”



Suzanne wrote, “I put up two more Operation Beautiful notes today!  The first was on the platform of a subway station, and the second was in the bathroom at my chiropractor’s office!  I’m on a roll!”



Meredith from Balance for MEre wrote this note and said, “Here is my first contribution to O.B.  It won’t be my last!”


Danielle wrote, “I quickly wrote the note and put it up in the bathroom before anyone went in.  It was up for a few hours before enough women went in and saw it and told our teacher about it, who had some basal skin cells removed a few days before and was sporting quite a bruise and a bandage on her face.  I was in the bathroom when the teacher came in to see it and she said “That’s really cute” as she looked in the mirror.  So, I think that it really helped to brighten her spirits a bit!”


Jenna wrote me to say, “I have four daughters and I already notice they use negative language when discussing their own bodies as well as each others. I really need to make sure that each of my daughters sees the best of themselves!  I decided I would post a note today when we went to the Mango Festival here on Guam.  There was no mirror, so I posted it above the sink!”


If you find Operation Beautiful be uplifting and empowering, be sure you participate, too!  Not only will you touch the women who find your note, but you’ll touch THOUSANDS of Internet readers! Post a note, take a picture, and send it to Caitlin at

Saturday’s Notes – June 27, 2009

Message from Caitlin:  So many of today’s notes touched me deeply!  I especially loved the message behind Lauren’s note.  Read on!


Lauren from Chasing Pavement wrote, “I don’t have a photo, but on my run this morning, I stopped at the community center near my house and posted a note that simply said, “You are beautiful.” I’ve really been struggling with my body image lately, and after posting the note, I started sobbing during my run because I realized that that note applies to me just as much as anyone else. I’m sure everyone I passed thought I was crazy as I ran with tears streaming down my face, but I didn’t care – it was such a powerful moment. Thank you for reminding me to acknowledge my own beauty.”


Debbie from Oh So Ravenous wrote, “Today I went to therapy for my eating disorder, so I decided to post this in the bathroom mirror at the ED clinic! I couldn’t think of a better place! Thank you so so much for doing this!”


Amy from Amy’s Quest to Skinny wrote, “I too, am very insecure about my sweat glands when working out! I sweat like a madwoman, and often make a bee line to the changing room after my workout to avoid too many people seeing my soaked t-shirt and flushed face.  Today I decided to embrace my beautiful, sweaty self.”



Kacy from Low and Behold! wrote, “Attached is my first of hopefully many notes!”


Whitney from Whit’s Getting Fit posted this note on the mirror at her gym:


Sam from Small Changes Add Up wrote, “I set off for my run last night armed with Operation Beautiful notes (and my camera of course!) I posted five in total – one on a random car windscreen. Posting the notes made my run so much more fun, and I even ended up running the furthest I’ve run since my knee injury. Operation Beautiful obviously spurred me on!”



Rose from Rose N Coffee posted this note in the elevator!


Jenny from This Winding Road said, “I’ve had these cards taped on my mirror for the past week or so, and I found myself saying “love yourself, trust yourself” even when I wasn’t at home reading them! They’ve really stuck in my mind and been such helpful, healthy mantras!”


Cleo wrote, “I was planning to put a ‘you are beautiful’ note on the mirror in the bathroom at the grocery store, but it was too crowded to put it up without being noticed. Instead I put one that says “Remember to smile!” on the inside of a bathroom stall door.”


Vicky wrote, “I left this note in the bathroom at the salon I work at, I hope it makes someone feel as good as it made me in leaving it!”


Jamie said, “Walking down the street, I noticed a woman walking out of her house. I wandered past her house, to the row of mailboxes at the end of the street, and stuck it on her mailbox.”


Michelle from Balance My Cake wrote, “I posted this note today in my office’s ladies room.  My office is not huge, but the majority of it’s workers are women and I thought, “Why not?”  Everyone needs to know they’re beautiful, inside and out! :)”


Remember:  If you love Operation Beautiful, be sure to participate in the mission!  Post your own note, take a picture, and e-mail your story to Caitlin at

Friday Notes – June 26, 2009

 A message from Caitlin:  If you love Operation Beautiful, be sure to participate in the mission!  Post your own note, take a picture, and e-mail your story to  Spread the message! 🙂

Lara at Runs and Rests wrote, “Greetings from Japan! I was on an operation to spread positive body image by posting random notes in public places today. I decided on cutting pictures from an old magazine because recycling always ups the coolness factor of anything, right?  The first one was posted at the washroom of the grocery I went to today. I was afraid it would be taken down immediately since Japanese toilets are always kept clean and spotless. When I went back later in the afternoon, the post was still there! 😛 Hopefully, the note made a Wednesday shopper’s day brighter. 


Lara continues, “At this book store/arcade I went to, a bunch of grade school girls would always drop by and hang around after school. They would usually buy water/tea/fruit juice from the vending machine while they chat and laugh. When they grab a drink from the vending machine , I hope the post makes them smile.”


The editor of Operation Beautiful (Caitlin) has been posting bunches of notes around town, too!  Here are a few:




Sarah wrote to say: “I was a freshman at my high school this past year, and before my first class I would always go into the bathroom. Every day there was a girl at the first mirror, frowning at her reflection and never seeming satisfied. I watched her suck in her stomach, sigh, and continue to layer on more and more make-up. I decided to write her a note that said “Smile! You’re beautiful just the way you are. :)” I went into school early that day to stick it to her mirror, then I waited casually at another mirror until she came in. She walked in as usual, frown intact, but then she saw the note and I watched her face light up. And, the best part–she looked up at her reflection with a genuine smile, and instead of applying layer upon layer or make up, she turned to leave, smiling at me as she left, and left the note there for the next girl to find. Since that day, I’ve also noticed a few more notes similar to this through out my school, and whenever I see that girl, she is always smiling!”


Martha wrote, “Thank you for sharing all of these inspiring stories. I stayed up until midnight last night creating a stack of notes to leave in various places. The message being sent here is wonderful!”


Look at these lovely notes:



Melissa wrote, “I walked around a lake near my house and posted a bunch of these!”


Kelly said, “I couldn’t get a picture because my phone is not working, but last night before class I posted a note that said, “You’re a GODDESS! Treat yourself like one.” on the bathroom mirror. All the girls rush there during our 10 minute break to primp, so I hope it made someone’s day. I’m going out later today, and plan on leaving many more!”


Tracy wrote, “This is hard to read.  It says “Beauty is Courage, Confidence, Character.  You are a beautiful woman.”  It was posted in SATX.”


Jamie wrote, “One for the guys, posted on my mirror, today, that I took a picture of for someone I love very much.  Another that I put on a woman’s car outside my our townhouses.”



Suzanne from QuerkyQook wrote, “I posted these in my apartment and then slipped them in my two best girlfriends purses when we met for dinner.”



Julianna wrote, “Today while working, I placed 3 different operation beautiful notes @ 3 different gas stations right on the front of the busiest pumps. It took nothing from me, but 1 step out my door and a wish I could hang around to see peoples reactions.  I also spent ½ my time thinking of future messages and writing them down…. I’ve decided that every day while I’m performing this particular job function of mine… I’ll be leaving notes on gas station pumps (taped up so they can’t blow away)!”


Remember:  If you love Operation Beautiful, be sure to participate in the mission!  Post your own note, take a picture, and e-mail your story to

Thursday Notes – June 24, 2009

A Message from Caitlin:  Good morning!  I just wanted to say that YOU (yes, YOU!) are beautiful.  Have a great day.  XOXO


Angela at Oh She Glows wrote, “I have always felt very self conscious about how I look after a workout! My face gets really red and sweaty. I remember leaving the gym and always holding my head down when I walked out because I felt so ugly! But today I decided that ends NOW!”


Caroline from See Cat Run wrote, “A note on the full length mirror in the first floor bathroom of my work. I definitely need the reminder!”


Carrie wrote, “After five days, my first operation beautiful note was still up in the women’s room at my city hall! I was so happy! The first one read “You are beautiful just the way you are!” Yesterday, I replaced it with a note that said, “Remember all your accomplishments and love yourself!” I hope next time I’m in there, there will be a new note I didn’t leave!  This project is making me a happier person, and it is so simple!”



Elina from Healthy and Sane wrote, “Here is a note I posted on my gym’s mirror. I was super intimidated to do it but also kind of excited. When no one was around, I placed it on the biggest mirror I could find, and went to work out. When I got back from my spinning class, it was still there! I’m sure it got a lot of exposure and I hope it made someone’s day. I signed it “kind stranger” so people would know it wasn’t some random note from the gym employees…. that someone actually took their time to write and post it. I plan on posting another one soon. This is such a great idea! Thanks for motivating us to motivate others!”


Hilary wrote, “This is a sticky note that I put in the gym bathroom today.  As I was changing for the gym in one of the stalls I heard a few people come in and it made me so happy to think that maybe I put a smile on their face.  Even if it didn’t, it made ME feel good on the inside knowing that I tried to make someone’s day a little better!”


Kristien at Inspired By Dooce wrote, ” I’m still putting up notes. Today I noticed the cleaning lady in my building had left her cart unattended. So I left her a little note on it that said “Smile! You’re beautiful”. Since she may be responsible for the fact that my notes in the locker room and one of the bathrooms are still up (I put them there last week), I thought she might enjoy a more personal note!”  UPDATE from Kristien: “I just went into the bathroom on my floor and saw that she had taken it off of her cart and put it on the mirror. Little does she know, she’s now a part of operation beautiful as well!”


Jess wrote, “Thank you so much for starting this wonderful movement. I had forgotten how rewarding it is to do random acts of kindness. I left these two notes in Gainesville this weekend while I was up visiting my parents for Father’s Day. The first went up in St. Augustine’s Catholic Church and Student Center, and the other one I placed in one of the ladies bathrooms at The Swamp—a popular hangout for UF alumni.”



Sarah wrote, “I was on in an application called “Truth Box”. There is a section on the app that allows you to post your secrets. I noticed how most of the posts were about body image, and there were lots of negative comments about people. So, I started a motion for everyone to leave a positive comment on someone’s post.  I had many people tell me that they were going to start leaving good comments. I also gave out the URL to this website.”


Amy from The Healthy Lawyer posted these notes:



Janetha wrote, “Too many times I find myself getting down on myself about my freckles, my huuuge scar on my arm from breaking my humerus, my short and muscular legs.. the things i CANNOT change no matter what.  I need to remember that although these things may bug me from time to time..they are still parts of who I AM.. and they are not going anywhere, so I better learn to love all those imperfections!”


Hayley wrote, “I just thought I’d send in another small batch of photos that I took today after coming back to college, and I’m happy to report some notes are still standing!”



Crystal at Bye Bye Fat Pants wrote, “I put out more post-its today and thought I’d share … I really am loving this idea!! One was placed in my buildings elevator and the other two were placed at Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC), one in their change room and the other on one of their employee phones :)”




Elise from Hungry, Hungry Hippie wrote, “I added a sticker to the mirror in the Westin pool side bathroom…”


Ellie from Inside I Am Dancing wrote, “I couldn’t resist sticking this on the magazine when I saw the front cover!”


Wednesday Notes – June 24, 2009

A Message from Caitlin:  The Operation Beautiful notes are pouring in, but I can only post so many a day.  If you send a note to, it will be on the site, but give it a few days or so!  Keep them coming — your notes bring a smile to my face and light up the day for so many others.


Also, if you are visiting because you FOUND a note with the website address on it, please e-mail me at to tell me your story!  I would LOVE to hear it!


Carrie wrote, “I was back in my city hall building today and the note I posted Thursday  was still there! I was so happy and moved to see it there so many days later!”


Angie from Angie All The Way said, “I can’t tell you how touched I am by Operation Beautiful.  I knew exactly where I was going to leave my mark!  There is that awful scale outside of GNC that hollers at you when you walk by, “Have you checked your weight today?”.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked passed it and resented the message it was spewing out to passersby.   After leaving my note, I sat on a nearby bench and watched a few people take note and actually stop to ponder it.  It felt so great that I couldn’t help but leave another one in the washroom at the mall!”




Amy at Vegan is Sexy posted these two notes in bathrooms:



Leslie at The Whole Plate posted this gem in a dressing room:


Shannon wrote, “I just wanted to say what a wonderful thing you have started here!  I really think this will be a moving experience.  I posted this in the bathroom at work on our full length mirror where all the ladies are constantly primping.”


LR at Blue Eyed Heart posted this note on the gym scale:


Colleen wrote, “I left a note in the other bathroom of my work and said “There are so many lovely people working here!  I think YOU are one of them!”  Someone else posted a note in response and it said “This made my day!” and they signed it with a heart!  My heart is very full today!”


Crystal at Bye Bye Fat Pants wrote, “I went out last night and posted up 2 notes.  I’m going to be downtown Toronto today and will be posting more post-its all over and I’ll be sure to take some photos.  This is an amazing idea!!!”  She posted her first note in a Old Navy dressing room.

And she posted another note on the back of the cash register at Old Navy.


Lauren wrote, “I’m headed to the YMCA soon…I wrote out a few notes at work today and I plan on sticking them around there. I can’t wait!”



Lara sent in this cute note on a stuffed animal:


Holly from Holly On The Run wrote,Today I busted out my 30 Day Shred workout for the first time in a loooooong time. And it was harder than I remembered. Afterwards, I told my husband that I really needed to stop slacking on my strength training because I was getting weak. He replied, “Or maybe you’re too hard on yourself?”  It made me think about Operation Beautiful, and I wrote this little note to myself and put it on a mirror in my bedroom:”


Mikey from Randomly Mikey wrote, “this picture is from my own home. and it reminds everyone who comes here that no matter what they are perfect the way they are. i’ve spent so much of my life feeling like if only i was thinner, smarter, wealthier…whatever things would be better. now i know that although goals are great- you are still beautiful just the way you are. i can’t wait to start spreading more love. i have a long roadtrip coming up so that will be perfect!”


Mikey also makes costume masks and has started to start Beautiful messages on the inside!  How cute:



Kristien from Inspired by Dooce wrote, “It is funny you put the line about people needing love on Mondays on the website…because I had already put my “Smile, you’re beautiful. Even on Monday” note in the elevator of my office building :)”


Cassandra posted this message inside a bathroom stall:


Jill at Girl Running Around wrote, “I left my first note on a mirror in the doctor’s office, it said, “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, inside and out.” But I got the most satisfaction out of the second note I left. I put this note in the shirt pocket of my Hubby’s favorite shirt. I can’t wait until he wears it!”  A message from Caitlin: Men need love, too! 🙂

June 2009 039

Hayley wrote, ” I put four up in two girls toilets (so that’s two in each) and decided to quickly slide one sticking out of a portrait on the wall, too. 🙂 I wasn’t really prepared for what I should write, so it came all from the top of my head, but I’ll certainly be prepared the next time I do this! 🙂  It certainly gave me a permanent smile as I carried it all out, and I swear when I walked past this woman in her office she gave me the most amazing smile! I just hope it’ll reach out to more people and that they don’t get taken down too soon. If they do, I’ll certainly be putting more up. ;)”


Anne from Harping on Fitness wrote, “I put this note on the mirror in the women’s bathroom at Target in Michigan.  I hope it brightened at least one person’s day!”


Egg Beaten Angel at Beautiful Without Consequence sent in a bunch of great photos.  About this first photo, she says, “My mom has always been a yoyo dieter, but since I began recovery, she has been trying very hard to set a good example. I can tell it’s still hard for her to kick her dieter habits in the butt though, so I decided to help her out a bit by reminding her she’s the most beautiful Mom in the world!”  On a toaster:


She put this note on a candy dish.  She write, “Pomegranate covered chocolates! I told my Mom to bring this to work tomorrow and share with her coworkers.”


And she put this note on a car.  She wrote, “I don’t know whose, but I bet he/she’s beautiful!”


Samantha wrote in: “My oldest son (6) and I went out on a mom and son “date” today while my 3 year old was at school. I KNEW it would be the perfect
opportunity to start sharing the operation beautiful message. I posted
these in the bathrooms at the GPO in Tamuning, Guam.”

Tuesday Notes – June 23, 2009

Message from Caitlin:  Tuesday’s notes are so creative — everyone is posting Operation Beautiful notes in really unique locations!  Check it out:


Rhonda wrote, “I posted a note in the bathroom at church.   I was feeling down about myself this day.  After posting the note…I starting feeling beautiful.  Wow — the power of positive words.  We tell ourselves so many negative things all day long.  Love how we can turn this around.   Keep posting!  I know I will!  My purse is stocked and ready!”


Michele wrote, “I put this sticky note in the airplane that I was flying from Alice Springs Australia to Darwin before heading out to my two week stint in Timor volunteering. Right after I put it up the pilot went in the toilet. I wonder what he thought :)”


Cassandra wrote, “Posted one (my 1st one!) that just said ‘you are beautiful’ earlier in the day on Friday and went to go check it. Was sad to see it was taken down.. But once I walked back into my office, my receptionist (who just recieved a very nasty email from someone she was talking to online) told me she found the note and took it down because she was so moved by it and wants to keep it as a reminder.. She has no idea I did it!”  Cassandra also posted this one in a bathroom:


Alyssa at Love, Laugh, Lyss wrote, “I live in an apartment complex where you have to scan a card to get into the “gated community“.  Today, as I pulled up to the gate, I fumbled for my card and saw a stack of post-it notes in my purse.  I knew it was the perfect time for an Operation Beautiful note!  I scanned my card then placed this note over the sensor, so whoever drove up next was FORCED to see it (and hopefully smile!)”


Rebeca wrote, “I left these notes around Buffalo this weekend!  The first was in the bathroom at the mall.  I stood by the door for a minute and a woman walked out after me, and said “Did you see that note? Isn’t that sweet?”  I, of course, smiled and replied “yes, you should leave one sometime.”  She said, she’d think about it!”


Rebeca continued: “The second was in the bathroom at one of those warehouse stores and a bunch of teenage girls walked in after me.  Hopefully, they read it and liked it!”


Megan at Peace. Love. Happiness. Revolution wrote, “I’m amazed that this has become such a movement! It’s heartwarming, really. I went to a little diner the other day and taped this one up in the bathroom. I put up another one in the movie theater bathroom that said “you’re amazing and beautiful. Don’t ever let anyone tell you different!”


Sarah from Sarah’s Sweet Lips wrote, “Saturday night, at the bar, I might add, I posted this in the women’s restroom. I mean, what better place to post a note where women constantly primp and prime and worry about their appearance, right? Hopefully, tons of women will read this and take it to heart. “


Katie wrote all over her friend’s walls at SparkPeople.  She spread messages such as,  “Dream beyond your wildest imagination. You CAN do anything you set your mind to. You are strong, independent and driven and because of that there is NO stopping you!” and  “You are strong, you are powerful and most of all you are beautiful. You are the light in someone’s day…so make sure you keep your light shinning bright for all to see!”


Julie at Julie Go Lean wrote, “Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been keeping up with Operation Beautiful and I think it’s an AMAZING movement! I’ve even gotten some of my nonblogger friends to put notes up in their office mirrors at work! They were SO excited to be a part of it :)”



Raya at Confessions of a Black Belt wrote, “My sister and I were on vacation this past weekend in Massachusetts visiting family (we live in Orlando) and I left an note in the bathroom of a Target


Raya continues:  “I showed my sister, who is 15,  your video because I think it’s such a great message. She left one in the bathroom ON THE AIRPLANE!!! :-)”


Chandra at Pretty Time Piece wrote this message on the inside of an old phone booth:


Stepfanie, editor of the Daily Spark, wrote: “After linking to Operation Beautiful on the dailySpark, I couldn’t wait to get started on my own missions for this amazing cause. I was visiting home this weekend. My 15-year-old sister was away, so I left her a few notes throughout her room—on her mirror, on a “Twilight” poster inside her closet door and inside a T-shirt I had brought her. I can’t wait to hear her reaction!”



Amy at Amy Runs A Marathon wrote, “I posted it yesterday in a locker at my gym, which is a nationwide chain where a large portion of the clientele seem very focused on achieving the perfect figure–there’s even signs in the bathroom about the effects of steroids!  What better place to leave a note, right?!  I taped one up in a locker this time around…but next time I want to tape one right to that sign!”