Orlando Sentinel: Post-It revolution of positive messages for women goes viral (Linda Shrieves, July 1, 2009)



The Examiner: Caitlin’s Tips on Reversing Fat Talk (Mila Lowery, July 1, 2009)

x-1442-Baltimore-Healthy-Living-Examine_Page_1  This is Not a Trick Post; You Are Beautiful (Kate Harding, July 1, 2009)



True SlantOperation Beautiful: One woman’s Post-it Note Empowerment (Katie Drummond, June 24, 2009)



The Examiner:  Leave a Note, End “Fat Talk”  (Mila Lowery, June 25, 2009)



JezebelPersonal Insecurities, Public Places (Megan Carpentier, June 24, 2009)



4 responses to “Press

  1. This ROCKS my socks!

  2. joelygolightly

    Love it- this site is truly amazing, and an inspiration to all!

  3. Go Caitlin, Go Caitlin!

  4. caitlin, you are fabulous 🙂

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