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29 responses to “The Video

  1. Caitlin, I actually teared up a little bit watching this, it is AWESOME!

  2. smallchangesaddup

    I LOVE this! The music is so fitting too. For some reason watching all the photos together in video form is so much more powerful. Are you going to make these videos a regular thing Caitlin?

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  5. We’ve always known you were beautiful and had a sweet, creative spirit. I remember when you were four, out in the pool, putting your finger in the air, and shouting, “I have an idea!” I think this is your best idea yet! Love you, Aunt Beth

  6. randomlymikey

    truly awesome!
    you are beautiful 🙂

  7. Lovely! I’ll start my end of the work and throw a stack of stickies in my purse so I can do it on the fly. I’ll be the self-esteem sticky note bandit.

  8. This video made my heart sing…thank you! I have already left my first note.

  9. Courtney Robinson

    Great effort. I am the dietitian for East Carolina University and I specialize in the treatment of eating disorders and this type of campaign is yet another step in the right direction for accepting our bodies just the way we are. Keep up the good work!! We plan on doing a similar campaign on campus this year.

  10. does anybody know the name of this song? its really pretty, and it fits the video perfectly!

  11. operationbeautiful

    chantal – its river flows in you by yiruma

  12. this is amazing !
    …i actually cried… so inspirational

  13. I loved this video, it struck a tender chord in me. Weight loss is often turned into such an overwhelming and undermining task. This is a wonderful way to inspire and encourage. Thank you.

  14. Heleen from The Netherlands

    It’s great to see that beauty in how you look is overrated. Beauty is about loving yourself as you are. Your message says it all.

  15. I had sinus surgery this week and the nice warm salt water generated by watching your little video did me good inside and out. What a remarkable discovery you have made, Caitlin – thank you for sharing it with all of us!

  16. This was so inspiring. The music is also a great fit for the video, I just purchased it on Itunes.

  17. This video had me crying- I was never told I was beautiful when I was growing up. I was always told that I wasn’t any prettier than anyone else or any more special. Even as an adult it’s a battle believing I am ever good enough- even now I have to tell myself that I am beautiful- I guess sometimes people forget that we need to hear that from them..this is such an awesome and loving thing to do Caitlin- God Bless You =)

  18. Thanks for starting this! Count me in! I’m starting with the mirror in my 10-yo daughter’s bathroom!

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  20. This was so wonderful! I’ve always been about the size of a twig and have never been able to stop comparing my body to those of my friends and family. But I know that everyone has these struggles, and they’re all so redundant because we are all so beautiful! Thank you so much for this much needed wake-up call. I’ve got post-it notes in my purse already, can’t wait to start putting them up!

  21. This is amazing- I have done this before, posted notes on bulletin boards and in the locker room at my gym, and just seeing this now gave me so much hope for the world in knowing that there are other people out there dedicated to the cause! Thank you so much for this.

  22. Thank you.

    For having the most beautiful heart I’ve seen in weeks.

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  24. I just started growing my hair back after chemo for breast cancer. I don’t feel pretty, the notes everyone writes made me feel great. I’m going to start leaving my own notes. It’ll help me and others! I love it, Cailtlin you must be a wonderful person to have started this, great job!

  25. Amazing, Caitlin! I found your site thru MizFit’s- truly wonderful! I’m going to be an Operation Beautiful Agent! Post-its & pen: CHECK! =)

  26. this is AMAZING! everone always told me i am skinny but i never belived them. because of your video, my point of view has changed. congrats, you changed one teenagers life. i cant wait to start posting notes!

  27. From across the pond in the UK, Caitlin
    – I love what you have started.

    Bringing back the sunshine into our cloudy lives.

    I hope to start sticking those post it notes very soon

  28. I know i’m a guy so i probably shouldn’t love this as much as i do, but to be honest it’s so inspiring, it totally made my day. Trust me, guys can have body image problems too and these notes do wonders. I can’t wait to post my first one!

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